Centrifugal FRC filter

Centrifugal filter FRC : an evaporative circuit always clean (JACIR Patent)

filtre FRC

A closed cooling tower has a primary circuit (to the process), and a secondary circuit: the evaporative circuit. In contact with air, the evaporative circuit accumulates suspended solids. Because of the evaporation, this water, if there is no bleed off, concentrates the salts. In order to keep this secondary circuit clean, without manual maintenance, Jacir has invented the following FRC system:

The Jacir centrifugal filter can secure 3 functions:

  • - secondary water circuit filtration by centrifugation,
  • - qualitative deconcentration of the evaporative circuit,
  • - automatic filter cleaning if joint to the automatic deconcentration.

Integrated in standard in our CRF and KSF ranges series, the FRC filter is a simple and efficient weapon against Legionella. In addition to the original fouling resistance of the exchanger (high water velocity), this equipment is designed to retain suspended solids in the water. Those are nourishment enhancing bacteriological growth. Its characteristics are:

  • - 100 % water flow is filtrated.
  • - The whole water volume is recycled every 1.2 minutes.
  • - Automatic cleaning during the automatic deconcentration by induction, and by timer.
  • - No wear and tear parts or fouling : maintenance free.
  • - Materials: galvanised or stainless steel according to the option.

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