DTC series Cooling Tower: steel - EC fans

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Power : Module 1200 kW

49‐point operating performance table for JACIR DTC Line

DTC Range cooling tower commercial documentation

DTC range cooling tower technical documentation


    Innovation for easy maintenance : Hygiene design in accordance with NF E 38-424 and VDI 2047-2 hygienic compliant.
    First cooling towers equipped with single sided air inlet centrifugal fans, EC motors superior to IE4 efficiency.
    Ultra-low noise and highest efficiency.
    Water Cooling Tower design essentially based on easy maintenance thanks to its integrated technical room, allowing a total and immediate access to all the internals.
    Corrosive protection solutions : X-Steel stainless steel.
    Sloped basin: total water drain for cleaning with its low drain point.
    Direct coupling for no mechanical maintenance.
    Plug & Play: electrical wirings, connections and integrated variable speed drive.
    High pressure drop available on the air (for ducts and silencers)
    Ultra-Silence, equivalent to sound attenuated cooling tower with baffles, till 64 dBA at 3 meters for 1.2 MW.


  • Counter flow
  • Centrifugal fans single sided air inlet
  • Direct coupling
  • EC motors superior to IE4 efficiency
  • Exchange surface highly resistant with high power saving
  • Internal low pressure sprayers for an optimal water distribution: free surface
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