Open cooling tower

Operation principle of an open circuit cooling tower :
The hot water to be cooled is pumped to the top of the tower through pipes. This water is divided and distributed over the heat exchange surface by water distribution nozzles. Blown by the fan, the fresh air enters into the lower section of the unit and escapes through the upper section after being heated and saturated by passing through the wetted heat exchange surface. As a result of surface tension, due to the exchange surface mesh, the water spreads in a uniform way as it falls through the height of the cooling tower. The exchange surface is then increased. The water, cooled thanks to forced ventilation, falls into the inclined basin at the bottom of the tower.

Clean water

Diversity of open circuit cooling tower range with JACIR design in order to match you need:
Clean towers with an aesthetic design for a clever maintenance.
The design based on regulation compliance and the choice of materials allows JACIR to guarantee long life thermal performance, and an easy maintenance thanks to numerous access to all the internals for their removal and cleaning.

Materials used for the tower casing and accessories are carefully selected in accordance with process to be cooled (either for HVAC or industrial application), with water quality used, with operating conditions, and environmental requirements on site.

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Heavy duty water

High efficiency combined with JACIR design for dirty waters and heavy duty operation.
Specially designed to meet the industrial cooling requirements: long life reliability in hardest and various conditions: iron & steel, agro food industry, milk industry…

Each industrial application, according to the process to be cooled are subject to a personalised and optimized study in terms of equipment and maintenance costs.

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