KBH Series Cooling Tower: concrete – Axial

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Power : 1 500 - 4 000 kW

KBH series cooling tower commercial documentation

KBH series cooling tower technical documentation


  • Counter flow
  • Forced draft axial fan
  • Gear-box transmission
  • Packing: FREEFILM - PVC film with 20 mm vertical channels
  • Very low-pressure water distribution
  • Casing in concrete, simple design
  • Non-freezing fan stack


Patented option Removable packing: X-TRACT:
Rapid install/uninstall; full maintenance
Material resistance:
Concrete and composite material
Easy servicing:
Fan located outside the moist air flow, at breast height
Packing highly resistant to clogging in industrial environments, with low load loss


  • Full industrial process
  • Distillery
  • Chemical industry
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