T.E.C Cooling Tower range : Sliding Casing Cooling Tower

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Power : 1 450 - 58 000 kW




    Strong & easy maintenance
    Totally non corrodible; Internal self-supporting structure made of FRP assembled with stainless steel X-STEEL plates, equipped with sliding casing hanged on stainless steel rolling rails on its 2 adjacent sides: this sliding casing is specially designed in stitch of fiberglass PVC coated, perfectly smooth and resistant. Simple and fast access to all internal components of the cooling tower for maintenance.
    Easy maintenance:
    Simple mechanics, direct coupling motor / fan: no belts nor gear, zero maintenance
    Access on the whole height, cooling tower internals totally removable and cleanable
    Anti-legionella design:
    Sloped basin: complete water drain for cleaning
    Drain outlet located at the lowest part of the basin
    No water stagnation
    Sun ray proof and anti-splash out louvers
    Power savings:
    Axial fan with adjustable blades at stop and high efficiency low speed motor
    Industrial infill highly resistant to clogging with low drift
    Very simple and fast erection on site:
    Factory pre-assembled modules in order to limit erection and installation times on site, single lift and "Plug & Play" system of electrical and hydraulics connections


  • Counter flow
  • Multiple axial fans with adjustable blades at stop
  • Low speed motor without mechanical transmission
  • Self-supporting internal structure made of composite pultruded beams
  • Sliding casing on its 2 adjacent sides, on the whole height of the cooling tower
  • Infill: FREEFILM - PVC glued sheets with vertical channels sections of 20mm
  • Very low pressure water distribution nozzles

  • Applications

    • Food industries
    • Iron & steel
    • Power generation
    • Breweries
    • Chemical industries
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