VAP Series Cooling Tower: FRP - axial

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Power : 330 - 1 830 kW

49‐point operating performance table for JACIR VAP Line

VAP series cooling tower commercial documentation

VAP series cooling tower technical documentation


  • Counter flow
  • New generation Axial induced draft fan
  • Direct motor/fan transmission
  • Packing: PVC film with 20 mm vertical channels
  • FRP self-supporting casing
  • Packing supports in X-STEEL stainless steel
  • Large access door covering the height of the tower


Simple & Clean – Complies with the XP E 38-424 standard
Perfect resistance to corrosion; FRP self supporting casing with inside finishing providing an optimally smooth surface preventing biofilm clinging
Easy servicing:
Mechanical simplicity: direct motor/fan transmission: no belt, no gear
Large access door covering the height of the tower
Anti-legionella design :
Sloped basin: water drained for cleaning
Drain point below the lower level of the basin
No water stagnation
Anti UV blinds and anti-splashing if windy
Energy saving:
High–performance axial fan
Packing highly resistant to clogging in industrial environments, low load loss
Very fast on-site installation:
Towers are factory–assembled, one-load cranage, Plug & Play system for electric and hydraulic connections


  • Agri-food industries
  • Metallurgy
  • Power generation
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industries
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