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What is the role of cooling towers?

Firstly, the cooling towers can be constituted by two types of cooling circuit: an open circuit or closed circuit. The type of cooling system is going to be decisive for the exact way in which heat transmission occurs.

Indeed, the efficiency of the processes is directly linked to the operating temperature of the water circuits.

Therefore, evaporative cooling remains the most economical process. It allows to obtain cold water temperatures, lower than the ambient temperature.

What are the benefits of cooling towers?

Cooling systems optimize performance by:

  • Controlling the electric consumption,
  • Lowering its water consumption,
  • Limiting maintenance downtime for ever-increasing equipment availability and controlled operating costs.

JACIR makes a point of ensuring the quality, the ease of use and operation of its cooling systems. For this, solutions exist, and must be optimized from the design stage.

  • Maintenance access is facilitated, allowing sufficient access to act quickly and safely.
  • Our equipment is designed to limit water and energy consumption, maintain performance over time, and allow regulation according to process demand, variations in external conditions and the working environment.
  • Manufacturing quality is ensured in order to control maintenance expenses and allow our cooling towers to be programmed to prevent production hazards in the long term.

Open cooling towers

How do open circuit cooling towers work?

Closed cooling towers

How do closed circuit cooling towers work?