Our achievements

Rehabilitation of concrete cooling tower – African continent

A sugar factory on the African continent trusted the expertise of the JACIR Services teams for the renovation of its concrete cooling towers with a capacity of 35MW – surface area of ​​225m². The main need of our client: JACIR therefore carried out a thermal expertise and a field audit to determine the operations to […]

Rental – Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry

JACIR intervened with a client who was refused the use of his aging cooling tower by the DREAL. JACIR Solutions: A large capacity stainless-steel cooling tower, while waiting for the new TAR RXH, equipped with X-STREAM technology, to be delivered.

Rehabilition of concrete cooling tower – Sri Lanka

JACIR carried out the complete renovation of 4 concrete cooling towers for a client in Sri Lanka. JACIR solutions:

Rental – Agri-food industry

When JACIR’s Services and New Units departments offer a total solution to their customer, a manufacturer of frozen chips for the fast-food industry, this is the result: a combination of cooling tower rental and delivery of a new cooling tower to meet the all the site’s needs. Issue: The client’s cooling system, provided by a […]

Gear motor replaced by permanent magnets motors on cooling towers

The advantage of permanent magnet is to offer a stable regulation of basins. The technology connected to the system is also simple and intuitive. “This motor technology, which is directly coupled to the propeller (i.e. without a gearbox), met all our requirements in every respect: less energy-consuming motors and much more precise airflow control. It […]

Rehabilitation of concrete cooling towers – Reunion Island

JACIR has carried out the complete renovation of concrete cooling towers even across the oceans. On Reunion Island, JACIR has only kept the frame of 6 cells of 40m2 each and has ensured a complete refurbishment while improving the performance of the towers. This project required:

Boostcooler to improve the air conditioning performance

The head office of a mutual insurance company wanted to improve the performance of its refrigeration system for the air conditioning of both its offices and its computer server room. Issue: During heatwaves, the operator was obliged to water its chillers in order to maintain the cold water temperatures for the building’s air conditioning. JACIR […]

Creation or adaptation of acces doors and hatches

Creation or adaptation of large access doors and hatches to ease the maintenance of your cooling tower internals.

Rehabbilitation of concrete cooling towers

JACIR carries out the complete and specific renovation of your concrete cooling towers Thus, JACIR operates on: Water distribution Heavy industry application: replacement of the water distribution by a system of open stainless-steel channels, rapid control of clogging and simplified cleaning. Drift eliminators Replacement of the drift eliminators (installed between the channels for an easy […]

BoostCooler for agri-food Industry

Jacir carried out the adiabatisation of two dry coolers for an agri-food company. Thanks to the efficiency of the staff, the work was carried out in 2 weeks without any shutdown of the installation. Result: A-10°C-gain on the water temperatue for identical external conditions.

Pharmaceutical Sector

A pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to ensure the performance and operation of its 30+ year old towers. Issues: Ageing cooling tower casing created leaking problems, Mandatory draining of the common basin for maintenance: approx. 150m3, Difficulties to access the cooling tower internals for inspection and/or maintenance, Desire to reduce intervention times during annual maintenance because of […]

Replacement of motorised fan units

Complete replacement of the ventilation with stainless steel fan units by Jacir: bearings, shaft, impeller, motor support chair.