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How does adiabatic cooler work?

An adiabatic cooler is a combination of dry cooler with an adiabatic precooling section. This precooling section lowers ambient air temperature by evaporating water which is passed over the cooling / humidifying pads, specially designed for this purpose.

Dry mode :

The fluid is cooled inside the vertical coils by ambient air flow. The ambient air is drawn through the coils by fans mounted centrally on the top of the Cooler; the humidifying pads located in front of the coils are dry. The fan speed is controlled by an inverter depending on heat load to maintain the fluid outlet temperature. The warm air is then evacuated upwards.

Adiabatic mode :

When cooling in dry mode is not effective and the ambient temperature reaches a predetermined set point, the water is going over the pads (media). The ambient air is cooled by evaporation when passing through the pads : this precooled air then passes through the tube coils and cools the fluid. The water which has not been evaporated on the pads is collected in a stainless steel tank and is then recycled by a sump. The water saving is then significant and does not require water treatment, it is without risk of Legionella.

The TOPAZ® NEO and ZYRCO adiabatic coolers are both equipped with:

  • Two vertical heat exchanger tube coils,
  • A set of humidifier media for pre-cooling by evaporation,
  • EC motors,
  • A group of low noise axial fans.

What are the benefits of adiabatic cooler technology?

Adiabatic coolers comply with the NF E 38-424 standard of December 2020. They have the following advantages and characteristics:

  • No water spray in airflow ;
  • EUROVENT certified coils ;
  • Elimination of legionella risk ;
  • No external fouling of the tube coils, which extended life expectancy ;
  • No water treatment required ;
  • No drift ;
  • Very low water consumption thanks to sump recycling system ;
  • Easy maintenance due to the vertical “H” shape of the tube coils, enabling full access through the central door.

What is the use of a TOPAZ® NEO adiabatic cooler, drainable option?

Without glycol or thermal load, the coils are exposed to freezing, making complete draining of the circuits uncertain.

In order to overcome this, we have innovated, and we are now able to offer you two additional options on the range of TOPAZ® NEO adiabatic coolers.

  • The drainable coils allow complete draining by gravity, without the injection of compressed air. We have made this process possible thanks to the design of copper collectors and a particular arrangement of the tubes.
  • In addition to the drainable coils technology, we have completed our offer with the associated electronic and hydraulic regulation, allowing draining in the event of a general outage to secure the battery.
TOPAZ® NEO series : adiabatic cooler - H-designed coils - metal - EC motors

TOPAZ® NEO series adiabatic cooler

TOPAZ® NEO series : adiabatic cooler, H-designed coils, metal, EC motors

TOPAZ® NEO series : adiabatic cooler - drainable - H-designed coils - metal - EC motors

TOPAZ® NEO fully drainable and non freezing series

TOPAZ® NEO series : adiabatic cooler, drainable, H-designed coils, metal, EC motors

Adiabatic cooler ZYRCO

ZYRCO series adiabatic cooler

ZYRCO series : adiabatic cooler, V-designed coils, metal, EC motors