Our services

We have been delivering value, whether in new equipment or in services, to our clients, in France and across the globe, for over 60 years.

Maintenance services of cooling towers and adiabatic coolers

Technical improvement of cooling towers and adiabatic coolers

Beyond the design and manufacture of our cooling towers, adiabatic coolers and condensers, we are constantly listening to operators. Our services’ activity revolves around strong values ​​that have built our DNA:





We are MASE and ISO 9001 certified and our services technicians, qualified in N1 and N2 chemical risks, legionella risk, have multiple technical skills that can respond to the assembly of cooling towers and adiabatic solutions on site, to the commissioning or even to the renovation of equipment.

We provide support services using a dedicated team of technicians for revamping and upgrading our clients’ cooling equipments. We, also, deliver a complete range of components, comprehensive assistance and sustainable upgrades in accordance with all safety standards. Furthermore, we are committed to offer you the best solutions to maintain reliability and optimize performance of your cooling equipment.

Need a temporary increase in production, or an optimization of your industrial cooling process ? Leasing is an economical and quick solution.