Nos sites de production

From design to delivery, Jacir has been developing in Normandy, for more than 60 years, its know-how and its working tools, in the field of metalworking. Our production sites have spaces dedicated to sheet metal work, boilermaking, locksmithing and piping, device assembly, storage and transport of our equipment.

A covered area is also set up for R&D. Spread over two production sites, in Martin-Eglise and Hautôt-sur-Mer, there is a total area of ​​10,000m² reserved for design and storage.

Sheet metal workshop

Digital control punching line
Digital control panel bending press
Digital control press brake
Punching machines
Material handling equipment

Steel boilermaking workshop

Rolling machines
Portable punching machine
TIG and pulsed MIG stations
Magnetic drilling machines
Stainless steel scouring and passivation booth
Spot welding machine
Overhead travelling cranes

Plastic boilermaking workshop

Edge-to-edge and interlocking polyfusion machines
PP,PE,PVC extruder

Assembly workshop

Paint booth
Overhead cranes
Mobile crane
Rivet and nut setting tools