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How does ONYX adiabatic condenser work?

Our ONYX adiabatic condensers are heat exchangers dedicated to NH3 refrigerant as standard. The calories are rejected dry in the atmosphere. As soon as climatic conditions increase, our exchangers use the evaporation of water. Thus, in complete safety and without water treatment, they dissipate the calories to condense the gas at a temperature lower than that of the ambient air.

Our adiabatic condensing solution results from the combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section. We have designed this pre-cooling section in order to lower the temperature of the ambient air by evaporating water on a media designed specifically for this use.

Our ONYX adiabatic technology is available in a hybrid version, thus using the same equipment to evacuate the calories from the cooling water circuit of the chiller unit compressor.

What are the advantages of ONYX adiabatic condenser?

ONYX adiabatic condensers comply with European hygienic standards. They have the following advantages and characteristics:

  • Condensing temperature lower than outdoor temperature;
  • Cooling of the chiller compressor circuit on the same equipment;
  • Absence of water dispersion in the air flow;
  • No aerosol;
  • Elimination of legionella risk.
ONYX series : adiabatic condenser- H-designed coils - metal - EC motors - NH3

ONYX series adiabatic condenser

ONYX series : adiabatic condenser, H-designed coils, metal, EC motors, NH3

ONYX-SAFE ® option for adiabatic condensers: containment sleeve - safe recovery and evacuation network for alkalis - refrigerant abatement system

ONYX SAFE ® Option

ONYX-SAFE ® option for adiabatic condensers: containment sleeve, safe recovery and evacuation network for alkalis, refrigerant abatement system