Our testimonials

“For me, the efficiency of the variable speed drives on the fans of our JACIR cooling towers is no longer to be proven: real energy savings are easily achievable and measurable through a GTC.”


“This technology of motors directly coupled to the propeller (therefore eliminating the gearbox) met our requirements: motors that consume less energy and are much more precise in the aeraulic regulation.”


“The air circulation and quality are better and the risks for the collections are perfectly controlled.
We are very pleased with this brand-new technology.”


“I particularly appreciated the responsiveness of JACIR, who was able to understand the extent of our problem, propose solutions adapted to our constraints and guarantee delivery in record time”

Cristal Union

“We were seduced by the JACIR technology during a visit to a site on which they had supplied cooling towers. The manufacturing quality of this equipment is remarkable, and the design focuses on ease of operation.”


“After trying different technologies, we realized that the JACIR cooling towers, of durable quality and made in France, were the most efficient, to the point of regretting not having tested them sooner! »


“JACIR delivered to us in 2004 a suitable solution for cooling the particularly heavy-duty water in our metal shot manufacturing process.
In 2008, to replace old cooling towers, we tripled the JACIR cooling towers and chose the “extractable body” option.
Located above our settling basin, this ingenious system allows us to clean the internals, once a year, by simply lifting the exchange body and its water distribution from the top of the towers.
48 hours are enough to remove 5 tonnes of deposit per tower, while the other 2 continue to work. »


“We already had a fleet of JACIR cooling towers since 2004, recognized as the leader in the French cooling tower market.
In charge of the extension of the concession for MINATEC’s Utilities Service Pole, the project owner wanted to renew its confidence in JACIR for the increase in cold production in 2015: no temperature drift, no rust thanks to stainless-steel and no breakdowns so far. With a limited location on the roof, we had to provide maximum cold production, and the towers were selected down to the millimetre!
The advice and exhaustiveness of their technical and commercial follow-up were greatly appreciated. »