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What is the operating principle of BoostCooler® safe adiabatisation technology?

BoostCooler® technology is a secure adiabatic cooling system for Dry Coolers and Chillers. It makes it possible to overcome operating problems such as the collapse of performance and the drift of COP, the degradation of the coils due to direct watering, or even a non-compliance of safety requirements.

The BoostCooler® system uses the evaporation of water in adiabatic mode and thus makes it possible to obtain a cold water temperature lower than that of the ambient air.

What are the benefits of BoostCooler®?

The BoostCooler® safe adiabatisation solution provides more energy, greater energy savings and significant security of the installation.

Among the advantages of this technology, we can mention:

  • Maintenance of cold water temperature during hot conditions,
  • Increasing of het rejection,
  • Lowering of cold water temperature,
  • No drift guaranteed.

We have also worked to improve the refrigeration performance of chillers and the absorbed power of compressors. We are now able to:

  • Increase the cooling capacity of chillers and secure these installations, even during heat waves,
  • Reduce the compressors’ operation, energy and maintenance costs.
BoostCooler safe adiabatisation system for drys coolers & chillers

BoostCooler® safe adiabatisation

BoostCooler safe adiabatisation system for drys coolers & chillers