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Safe adiabatisation for existing drys and chillers

Adiabatic solution: increase in power and reduction in energy consumption
  • Do you need to increase the capacity of your process?
  • Do you have maintenance cost reduction requirements?

The dynamism and responsiveness of JACIR’s technical and R&D departments make it possible to adapt our innovations to the Dry coolers and chillers equipements already installed: improve performance while favouring energy and maintenance savings thanks to the BoostCooler safe adiabatisation. In compliance with the requirements of section 2921 (French standards).

Safe adiabatisation: more powerful drys and chillers

The results are immediate:

  • Increased power exchanged,
  • Energy saving,
  • Maintaining cold water temperature in summer,
  • No drift guaranteed,
  • COPs increasing.

Constraints/customer needs:

  • Performance issues,
  • Outside temperature, which increases in summer,
  • Degradation and scaling of coils following evaporative watering.

The safe adiabatisation JACIR solution

  • Power increase,
  • Maintaining cold water temperature in summer,
  • Maintaining the regime at more restrictive outdoor temperatures,
  • No more maintenance on the coils, no water treatment required,
  • No drift.

New needs:

  • More power,
  • Performance maintained for more extreme outdoor temperatures,
  • Improved COPs.

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