• Cooling towers, adiabatic coolers and condensers

    A wide range of made in france cooling towers to match your needs : hygienic conception with remarkable aesthetic

  • Taylor made quality for 60 years

    2019 : JACIR is partying its 60th anniversary

  • Innovation in compliance with standards & regulations

  • 2018 - Jacir joins the

Open cooling

Open circuit cooling towers for clean water types as well as dirty water types.

Closed cooling

Centrifugal or axial fans closed circuit cooling towers, equipped with speed drive.

Hybrid cooling

Technical innovation patented, ensuring plume coil abatement for open or closed cooling towers


The TOPAZ adiabatic cooler range : calories - heat are rejected thanks to combination of dry coils with pre-cooling pads.

Our skills

Technological innovation

1st Cooling towers manufacturer 1 in France, Jacir focuses exclusively on innovative systems research to improve its equipment and keep it to the cutting edge of technology.

Standards and regulations

For more than 50 years now, JACIR has been manufacturing high-quality environmental and technology standards.


French manufacturing according to NF 38-424, Iso 9001, safety, training, clearance


JACIR engaged for the French Certification MASE


n terms of Safety and Environment, we have chosen to be part of the MASE certification process, which largely meets the requirements of our industrial and tertiary customers.

Performance improvement by safe Dry Cooler Adiabatisation


Secured Adiabatic mode on Dry or Sprayed-Dry coolers already installed
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