SF series : steel - centrifugal

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Power : 20 - 4 400 kW




    • HYGIENE AND SECURITY : Compliant with Hygienic standards compliant
    • PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER : Made of stainless steel, the plates are removable to ease the cleaning.
    • NO FREEZING RISK: Glycol free Plate Heat Exchanger without winter freezing risks
    * WATER PROOF: Thanks to our assembling technology,
    we guaranty no leak equipment.
    * SILENCE: Very silent cooling towers in standard version, can be adapted according requirements.
    * EXCHANGE SURFACE: Highly efficient and easy to maintain, excellent resistance to temperature (75°C continuous) the infill may support use till 95°C as an option.
    * ANTI CORROSION COATING: Made of galvanized steel as a standard, the casing of the tower is assembled without any welding, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless steel (corrosion resistance superior to 316L)
    * EASY MAINTENANCE: Large access doors, fan outside the tower and at man chest, inclined and plane basin for a complete drain.
    * EVOLUTIVE TOWER: Possible to increase the exchanged power by addition of plates, to lower the sound level without increasing the motor power.
    * SINGLE-BLOC CONSTRUCTION: Easy handling and transport.


  • Closed tower with stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • No Glycol necessary
  • Full accessories: centrifugal filtration, inlets, exogel protection, etc.
  • EFFI-PACK high efficiency infill

  • Applications

    • HVAC
    • Clean industrial waters
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