Open cooling towers turned into closed circuit cooling tower All application When it is necessary to reduce the size of the circuit to be cooled, in order to face water treatment costs or control bacteries risks, Jacir proposes to turn open cooling circuit into closed circuit with guarantee of new thermal performances.
This technology have been developped in the eighties by Jacir with numerous retourns of experience, and has been submitted to optimization and continuous improvements to ensure safe equipement.
supply and installation of closed circuit components all applications Centrifugal Filter FRC : 60 µ efficiency
A closed cooling tower has a primary circuit (to the process), and a secondary circuit: the evaporative circuit. In contact with air, the evaporative circuit accumulates suspended solids. Because of the evaporation, this water, if there is no bleed off, concentrates the salts. In order to keep this secondary circuit clean, without manual maintenance, Jacir has invented the following FRC system:
The Jacir centrifugal filter can secure 3 functions:
- secondary water circuit filtration by centrifugation,
- qualitative deconcentration of the evaporative circuit,
- automatic filter cleaning if joint to the automatic deconcentration

Pump frequency drive
The nominal climatic conditions defined for the sizing of a cooling tower are met less than 15 days a year.
So, a marginal reduction of the evaporative circuit flow rate allows a major decrease of the electric consumption during 95 % of time.
This electric consumption reduction is optimal when the variation is combined with a variation on the fan speed.
The pump frequency drive on a closed cooling tower allows the optimization of speeds maintaining the turbulent regime on the exchange surfaces: preserves the cleanliness of the heat exchanger.

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger, removable plates for easy maintenance all applications For easy re-assembly, Jacir selects with symmetrical plates and clipped gaskets.
The exchanger does not require antifreeze protection: in case of electrical stop, the water cooling tower circuit automatically drains by gravity down the basin, protecting by the way plates and gaskets of the plate heat exchanger.
Jacir proposes supply and replacement of all exchanger joins and plates types.