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Adiabatic cooler is a combination result of a dry air-cooler and of an adiabatic pre-cooling section: this pre cooling section lowers ambient air temperature by evaporating water on a media, specially designed for this purpose. This system uses evaporation of water and maintains a cold-water temperature lower than ambient air.

Situation before the installation of the Adiabatic Cooler
  • Performance collapse during summer,
  • Performance decrease and scaling of coils due to watering,
  • Regulatory non-compliance.
Results obtained thanks to the installation of an adiabatic cooler
  • Cooling capacity increase,
  • Cold water temperature during summer kept,
  • No drift guaranteed : no Legionella risk, no fouling of coils.
  • The equipment has its own regulation system (regulation control panel) allowing its complete autonomous operation.
  • A programmable logic controller integrated in the control panel insures the equipment monitoring.