ATIM Series: steel - Open Hybrid centrifugal

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Power : 50 - 3 000kW

ATIM series open Hybrid cooling tower commercial documentation

ATIM series open Hybrid cooling tower technical documentation


  • 6 raws high-efficiency plume suppression coil
  • Water flow modulated by bypass on the packing
  • Counter flow
  • Forced draft centrifugal fan
  • Pulley/belt transmission
  • Packing: COFINTER: high-density polyethylene film (HDPE), deformable for easy descaling
  • Multiple fans
  • Single-size module, up to 5 juxtapositions


Up to 80% water saving
Low-noise towers as standard, can reach 35 dB(A) at 10 m for 1 MW dissipated
Anti-corrosion protection:
Galvanized steel, X-STEEL stainless steel option, corrosion resistance higher than 316 L stainless steel, Elastair 350-micron paint fan casing
Easy servicing:
Fan outside moist air flow, at breast height
Large rectangular access doors
Packing descalable by elastic distortion
Anti-Legionella design:
Sloped basin: water drained for cleaning
Drain point below the lower level of the basin: full draining
Plane basin: full access and cleaning
No welds nor bolting for the casing assembly in contact with the water: no biofilm and no corrosion
No water stagnation
Stainless steel recommended preventing corrosion
Easy upgradable tower:
Soundproofing, power increase


  • HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
  • Treatment & recycling
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