Cooling Towers Rental Service

Need for temporary production increase, or industrial cooling process optimization: rental solution may be an economic and fast solution : in one day, Jacir is able to install a cooling tower, or several, according to your need.

Cooling tower rental allows also to reduce the risks due to accidental stops or to ensure your production capacity during equipment’s maintenance.

Our "After-Sales Service & Revamping" offers their expertise and reactivity to help you for your daily requirements: make your production safe during summer periods, during strong demand periods or have greatly reduced costs involved in a disaster, and compliance with environments standards.

Jacir will help you to choose the best range depending on the water flow, performance asked or environment requirements. Jacir do also revamping works. Jacir can also offer genuine spare parts, from all cooling towers manufacturers and brands, don’t hesitate to check our page : Genuine spare parts or to directly contact for more informations.

Which JACIR cooling towers line for rental ?

VAP line : certified Eurovent, this cooling towers with an exhaust axial fan, that is perfect for agro-food, metallurgy, power generation, breweries, and chemical industry sectors.

S line : with a forced draft centrifugal fans, perfect for HVAC need and clean industrial waters.

ATM line : perfect for HVAC needs, clean industrial water and petrochemical industries.

TOPAZ adiabatic cooler : easy to install and connect.

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