Cooling Tower Revamping

    After-Sales Service & Revamping: Our experience to serve your cooling tower

    JACIR, French manufacturer, it is also services :

    Maintenance of your evaporative equipments

    Technical improvement

    Our service is specialized in cooling tower maintenance, whatever your equipment brand, our highly skilled staff is available for advice, to satisfy your requirements, and to study your project, based on your environmental constraints.

    Revamping, renovation, and supply of all original replacement parts for a wide range of cooling towers or adiabatic coolers.

    As each case is unique, we are committed to offering you the best possible solution to improve the reliability of your material and to, optimize its performances in compliance with safety standards.

    We study your requests to improve your existing cooling towers:

    • Supply of spare parts or new generation components
    • Lower cold water temperature
    • Increase heat power
    • Increase flow rate or adjust pressure drop
    • Reduce noise levels
    • Suppress the plume
    • Switch from open to closed tower
    • Large access doors to facilitate maintenance

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