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ONYX-SAFE ® option for adiabatic condensers: containment sleeve - safe recovery and evacuation network for alkalis - refrigerant abatement system
Container sleeve in the building for a better management of the condenser refrigerant
Refrigerant abatement system in case of leak detection
Safe recovery and evacuation network for alkalis thanks to watertight bottom of the equipment frame
  • SafetyFrame : in order to facilitate containment in the building for the management of condenser fluid, Jacir can supply a containment sleeve directly pre-installed in the factory on the control cabinet side.
  • SafetyPulse : in case of refrigerant leak detection (sensor out of Jacir scope), the protection system can be activated. Two PVC water distribution pipes equipped with irrigation nozzles frame the coils over its whole length. The fluid is safely driven towards the bottom of the equipment.
  • SafetyDrain : in addition to the SafetyPulse option, the ONYX condenser offers a watertight bottom made of stainless steel allowing to collect possible refrigerant leaks. This bottom is equipped with bungs connected by PVC piping, directly integrated into the equipment frame.