Our products
ONYX series : adiabatic condenser- H-designed coils - metal - EC motors - NH3
The most secure adiabatic cooling solution against the risks of legionella proliferation = hygienic design
No water spray in airflow
Very low power consumption (efficiency higher than IE5) Technology in compliance with Eco conception (UE) 327/2011 concerning Directive 2009/125/CE application (ErP) for minimum efficiency thresholds after 202.x.
No external fouling of the tube coils
Very low water consumption and no treatment needed
Access to the interior by full opening
Cooling to a temperature lower than that of the ambient air
Sealing and pressure compliant with PED
  • Heat exchanger designed for NH3 refrigerant fluid as standard
  • Calories are discharged into the atmosphere
  • Combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section
  • Media specifically designed to lower ambient air temperature by water evaporation
  • Declination in hybrid version allowing on the same equipment to evacuate the calories of the cooling water circuit of the compressor of the refrigeration unit
  • Plug and play equipment: PLC for managing fans and pre-cooling
  • Low-noise suction axial fan group as standard
  • Maintenance-free EC motors as standard: direct coupling without transmission
  • Coils arranged in H, offering total and safe accessibility for maintenance
  • Water distribution ramps outside the airflow
  • All industries