Our products
Adiabatic cooler ZYRCO
The most secure adiabatic cooling solution against the risks of legionella proliferation, no water spray in the airflow, and compliant with Hygienic standards
The coils have been tested (sealing and pressure according to PED), and their thermal performance have been certified Eurovent certified by Friterm, which participates to Eurovent Certita Certification COILS program (www.eurovent-certification.com)
High performance of EC technology (efficiency higher than IE5). In compliance with eco conception (UE) 327/2011 concerning Directive 2009/125/CE application (ErP) for minimum efficiency after 202x.
Collected water from the medias can de recirculated without any bacteriological risk (temperature is below the level for bacterial growth): the water consumption is then divided by a factor of 3 during adiabatic mode operation.
  • Coil tubes for excellent mechanical strength and optimized thermal conduction
  • EC (Electronically Commutated) technology motors especially developed to minimize energy consumption with optimized noise levels
  • Maintenance-free EC motors as standard: direct coupling without transmission
  • Humidifying pads set for evaporative pre-cooling
  • Plug and play equipment: PLC for managing fans and pre-cooling
  • Water distribution ramps outside the airflow