Our products
CRF series: counter-flow - steel - centrifugal fan
Compliant with NF E 38-424 standard relating to hygienic risks
Perfectly watertight construction thanks to a Jacir jointing technology
Stainless-steel removable plates in order to ease cleaning
Glycol free plate heat exchanger without winter freezing risk
Ultra-quiet towers in standard version, achieving exceptionally low sound levels
Excellent resistance to temperature (up to 95°C in option)
Tower casing made of galvanised steel, assembled without any welding, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless-steel
Possibility to add a plate heat exchanger to easily increase the discharge power (CRF and CRIM series), an antifreeze plume suppression coil (ATIM series) and additional soundproofing.
Design facilitating access to tower internals and wide visit access
One-piece construction, ease of maintenance and transport
  • Stainless-steel plate heat exchanger is totally protected from weather conditions thanks to its self-supporting galvanised steel stiff panels
  • Work without glycol
  • Rigid self-supporting galvanised steel casing, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless-steel, made without welding or screwing for the parts in contact with water
  • Slopped and plane basin equipped with a POWER FLOW drain connection, enabling quick and easy drain
  • Large integrated access door in order to ease the accessibility to the basin
  • Optimal water distribution at a very low height, through PVC pipes equipped with polypropylene nozzles
  • EFFI-PACK exchange surface is made of PP sheet, UV and crumbling resistant, offers an important free surface within the exchange surface
  • Single-size module, up to 5 juxtapositions
  • Forced draft centrifugal fan
  • Counter flow
  • HVAC
  • Power generation
  • Agri-food industries