Our products
KH series: Counter Flow - Steel - Axial Fan
Compliant with NF E 38-424 standard relating to hygienic risks
High efficiency, with low fouling
Design facilitating access to tower internals and wide visit access, fan outside the tower and at man height
Tower casing made of galvanised steel, assembled without any welding, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless-steel
Ultra-quiet towers in standard version, achieving exceptionally low sound levels
Ease of maintenance and transport
Possibility to add a plate heat exchanger to easily increase the discharge power (KHF series), an antifreeze plume suppression coil (KHIM and KHFIM series) and additional soundproofing.
  • Sealing between the panels provided by a specially designed seal with high filling power
  • Unique strength and waterproof Jacir design
  • Panels assembled without any bolting or welding for the parts in contact with water
  • Slopped and flat basin, equipped with a drain and a POWER FLOW access, enabling a quick and complete drain
  • Optimal water distribution at a very low height, through PP pipes equipped with polypropylene nozzles
  • Low pressure creates heavier droplets, which reduces drifts out of the cooling tower
  • FREEFILM infill, made of PVC sheets, resistant to fouling
  • Forced draft axial fan
  • Counter flow
  • Chemical industries
  • Agri-food industries
  • Cosmetics industries
  • Aeronautical industry