Our products
RC series: counter flow - steel - centrifugal fan
Specially designed for water with high suspended solids content, self-cleanable
Ultra-quiet towers in standard version, achieving exceptionally low sound levels
Tower casing made of galvanised steel, assembled without any welding, also proposed in 304L or 316L stainless-steel
Design facilitating access to tower internals and wide visit access, fan outside the tower and at man height
Delivery in parts possible, to assemble directly on site
Easy maintenance and transport
  • X-STREAM infill made of PP blades
  • Floors and blades designed to ensure optimal cooling of highly charged water
  • Self-cleaning blades by thermal expansion
  • Water distribution provided by PP pipes, or open metal channels, equipped with multi-stage polypropylene dispersers
  • Low-pressure operation to produce large drops that are not very sensitive to drift out
  • Extremely rigid panels conferring strength and sealing
  • Flat and inclined basin for total drain
  • Forced draft centrifugal fan
  • Counter flow
  • Agri-food industries
  • Chemical - Petrochemical industries
  • Metallurgy
  • Glass industries
  • Pulp & Paper