Our products
S series: counter-flow - steel - centrifugal fan
Compliant with NF E 38-424 standard relating to hygienic risks
Perfectly watertight construction thanks to a Jacir jointing technology
Tower casing made of galvanised steel, assembled without any welding, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless-steel
Excellent temperature resistance of the EFFI-PACK exchange surface, allowing use up to 95 °C optional
Design facilitating access to tower internals and wide visit access
Easy transport and handling
Ultra-quiet towers in standard version, achieving exceptionally low sound levels
Possibility to add a plate heat exchanger to easily increase the discharge power (SF and SFIM series), an antifreeze plume suppression coil (SIM series) and additional soundproofing.
  • Extremely rigid panels once assembled, ensuring unique strength and waterproof cooling towers
  • Sloped and flat basin equipped with a drain port
  • POWER FLOW access enabling quick and easy drain
  • Water distribution is made with several PVC pipes which feed polypropylene nozzles and distribute water in the form of a full jet cone
  • Design of the EFFI-PACK exchange surface made to offer a large free surface, limiting the risk of fouling
  • Large access door designed to facilitate maintenance, and the fasten dismantling of the internals
  • Forced draft centrifugal fans
  • Counter flow
  • HVAC
  • Chemical industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Electronics
  • Agri-food industries
  • Mechanical industries
  • Metallurgy