Our products
EUROVENT / CTI thermal performance certifiied ans compliant to hygienic standards
Simple and robust with high efficiency
Self-supporting FRP casing, absolute corrosion resistance, SILVER-STEEL stainless steel sheet metal, also proposed in X-STEEL stainless-steel
Design facilitating access to tower internals and wide visit access
Direct coupling, without maintenance
X-STEEL stainless-steel
Excellent resistance to temperature (up to 95°C in option)
Single part, single lift, with "plug and play" hydraulics and electrical connections
  • EUROVENT certification
  • Self-supporting fiberglass reinforced polyester panels
  • All of the steel parts for the assembly are inserted into the polyester
  • A large door, opening the tower on its whole height
  • Sun ray proof louvers can be easily removed
  • Prevention of solar radiation in the basin, limiting the development of bacteria
  • Axial induced draft fan
  • Counter flow
  • Motor-fan coupling
  • Packing EFFI-PACK, FREEFILM as an option, resistant to chemical agents
  • Can be delivered with or without polyester basin
  • The large diameter nozzles are highly resistant to clogging
  • Agri-food industries
  • Metallurgy
  • Power generation
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industries