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GOHL Gmbh is number 1 in Germany for cooling towers for the HVAC market. Founded in 1933 by Ernst Wilhem GOHL, it has been very active for the last 50 years in evaporative cooling technology with a large panel of prestigious customers who have placed their high trust in the reliability of GOHL products.

With a regular delivery of more than 1000 cooling towers per year, GOHL has demonstrated the performance and reliability of its products. 80 employees are working at GOHL facilities, which includes a manufacturing site located in Singen, in the south of Germany.

This new acquisition will bring significant added value to the COFINAIR Group known for the famous brand JACIR, leader in package cooling towers. Lots of synergies will result in product innovation, range enlargement, and international sales opportunities between the 2 operating entities.

This will also lead to better, stronger and long-lasting European growth for JACIR and GOHL companies.