Our achievements

Tire industry

In order to ensure the modernization of its cooling installations, the client, the world leader in the tire industry, called on the expertise of JACIR. The TOPAZ NEO adiabatic cooler was the ideal solution for this major client. The installation took place in two stages: A first installation comprising 1 TM7, 1 TM9 AND 1 […]

Fluid distribution and control system company

A company specialising in fluid distribution and control systems need to replace its vinyl press cooling system. A new tower was need in order to replace the old one which was no longer sufficient for the needs of the factory. JACIR solution: Jacir carried out the delivery as well as the installation of a new […]

Electrical panel factory

Jacir has delivered and commissioned our TOPAZ drainable adiabatic cooler for en electrical panel factory in the Czech Republic. This technology allows tue use of non-glycoled raw water and an automatic drain of the circuit in case of freezing.

Semiconductor Industry

SOITEC, a French industrial company that designs and produces semiconductor materials used to manufacture the chips that equip smartphones, tablets, computers… The customer request was to add 3100kW capacity cooling tower to its existing machine park, with the objectives of maximum power in a defined space, lower power consumption, reduced noise level, and pool balancing. […]

Electrical components production

The customer requires a warranty of performance, operating safety with regard to Legionella with the possibility of operating in mixed mode (open and/or closed circuit): the challenge is to change the existing towers that are heavily corroded without any interruption i production. Jacir supplies 2 x 2 KXSF: KXSF industrial closed towers with fully cleanable […]

Automobile industry

Utilities: ironing, stamping, compressed air Products delivered in Slovakia: 11 VAP 253 CHILLED WATER: paint shop 6 VAP 303 S