Our achievements

JACIR ensures the cooling of air conditioning systems by guaranteeing a constant cold water temperature throughout the year, a low noise level and controlled energy consumption.

JACIR adiabatic dryers also allow you to no longer be subject to French hygienic standards.

Shopping mall

JACIR supported its client, a shopping mall in Lyon, in the delivery and replacement of its dry coolers, their noise level being too high for their environment. JACIR solution: A TOPAZ NEO adiabatic cooler was installed in the shopping mall. This technology convinced the client, thanks to:

Shopping mall in the south of France

A shopping mall in the south of France is now equipped with 4 TOPAZ NEO adiabatic chillers. Client problem: The batteries of the client’s old dry coolers had ended up breaking down due to its environment, an area where the climate and ambient air deteriorate the general condition of the device. JACIR solutions: The TOPAZ […]

Shopping mall

JACIR can guide you to ensure the air conditioning of shopping centers. One of the key players in the management of shopping centers has chosen JACIR to secure its loop cooling installations. The motivations for this choice: The replacement of its installation subject to ICPE 2921 The maintenance of its cooling temperature in order to […]