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Daily energy savings

The objective on closed cooling towers is to vary the ventilation speed (reduction of electricity consumption) according to climatic conditions.

The nominal climatic conditions defined for the sizing of a cooling tower are met less than 15 days a year. So, a marginal reduction of the evaporative circuit flow rate allows a major decrease of the electric consumption during 95% of time.

This electric consumption is optimal when the variation is combined on the fan speed.


The pump frequency drive on a closed cooling tower.


Optimization of speeds, maintaining the turbulent regime on the exchange surfaces: preserves the cleanliness of the heat exchanger.

  • 50% of energy saving on the annual consumption of the pump.
  • Return on investment from 6 to 8 months.
  • Built in and pre-cabled option: Plug and Play with regulation adapted to the operating mode (economic criteria water or electricity).
  • Long life cycle of the pump and reduction of the maintenance costs bound to the wear parts.
  • Speed ranges factory-pre-set.
  • Compact skid integrated into the room exchanger.
  • Possibility to adapt the variation to a specific requirement.
  • Removable memory key reprogram according to the recorded model.