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On September 18, 2020, Doïc HORDERN, CEO of JACIR, was interviewed by La French Fab. Innovation and respect for the environment have been discussed, explaining how JACIR managed to become and remain a leader on the French and European market, while being an SME.

“R&D is the lifeline for any SME. An SME that does not invest in research is doomed.”


This is how Doïc HORDERN describes the importance of R&D for an SME. And these words are honoured by the multiplication of patents. Always in search of innovation and customer satisfaction, a permanent watch is provided to meet these needs. And the environment constraints are not left behind in these innovations.

Being in a potentially polluting sector, the importance of preserving the environment is paramount. This is why JACIR has chosen, since its creation, to specialize in evaporative cooling, thus ensuring considerable energy savings. This process is carried out thanks to the water which, to evaporate, will absorb a significant amount of heat. Thanks to this, JACIR is, today, the only company to be able to guarantee an increase in thermal capacities on its cooling towers as well as those of the competition, without increasing energy consumption; bringing reliability and trust to customers. Also, in the current climatic conditions caused by global warming, the industrial and tertiary sectors need cooling more than ever. JACIR solutions provide an answer to its needs. And JACIR does not rest on its achievements: on the contrary, the company is constantly seeking improvement and innovative solutions.

The entire strategy is based on a desire to produce locally. For this, the company has two production sites in Normandy, thus guaranteeing a significant proximity with our French customers and a know-how recognized worldwide.

The combination of innovation, ecology and local production then allow JACIR to be a key player in the evaporative cooling market, in addition to guaranteeing safety and reliability to customers and a significant reduction in energy consumption energy.

Interview to be found in full on La French Fab