Our achievements

TIPER (Innovative Technologies for the Production of Renewable Energies) METHANISATION

The aim of the centralised methanisation project is to produce electrical and thermal energy from various types of agricultural and agri-food by-products (biomass). This renewable energy project also aims to produce a deodorised natural fertiliser, directly spreadable on fields and of better agronomic value for local farmers. All this is possible thanks to the creation of gasification and methanisation plants, two wind farms and three solar farms.

Economic restriction
  • Based on a deposit that is available in time.
  • Based on a deposit that does not compete with food production.
  • With good head recovery.
Environmental context
  • Production of renewable energy.
  • Valorisation of very warming methane (carbon balance effect).
  • Production of organic fertiliser as a substitute for chemical fertiliser.
  • Replacement of an open cooling tower by an adiabatic dry.
Production requirements
  • 75 000 tonnes of biomass within a 10km radius.
  • Electrical energy production: 16 000 000 kWh.
  • Thermal energy production: 6 000 000 kWh, i.e. 580 000 m³ of natural gas.
  • Return of digestate: 40 000 tonnes.
Carbon footprint
  • An overall saving of 7 000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year, or 8 000 cars.
  • Electricity production equivalent to the electricity consumption of 12 000 inhabitants (excluding heating).
  • Heat production equivalent to the heating of 1 500 homes.
  • Eliminate the legionella risk
  • To limit water consumption as much as possible thanks to the water recovery system which avoids the use of waste water.