Our achievements

When JACIR’s Services and New Units departments offer a total solution to their customer, a manufacturer of frozen chips for the fast-food industry, this is the result: a combination of cooling tower rental and delivery of a new cooling tower to meet the all the site’s needs.


The client’s cooling system, provided by a tube bundle cooling tower, broke down. The bundle was punctured and could not be repaired.


JACIR supplied a closed-circuit cooling tower with a plate heat exchanger technology in emergency rental to ensure the production continuity.

Satisfied with our teams’ source of proposal and reactivity, the customer followed our experts’ advices and ordered a closed-circuit adiabatic chiller to replace the tower, which would better meet their needs.

The use of JACIR rental service enabled us to cover the manufacturing, delivery and commissioning time of a new installation: a TOPAZ adiabatic chiller combined with a skid with a plate heat exchanger to maintain closed circuit operation.


Easy maintenance and long-lasting equipment, while the risk of legionella and the associated regulatory constraints.