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Jacir has retained a unique stainless steel, as an alternative to the 304L and the 316L for its tower casings.

This stainless steel, with 18% chrome and titan + molybdenum, has corrosion-resistance characteristics that are greater than those of the 316L: Excellent resistance to formic, oxalic, acetic, lactic, phosphoric, citric acids, sodium chlorides, chlorides, gas smoke condensates, etc.

The exceptional qualities of this material mean we can propose a 10-year anti-perforation guarantee as a standard.

  • Increase in the effectiveness of water treatment (concentration),
  • Water-saving: Increase in the purge concentration factor,
  • Fight against bacteriological proliferation reinforced: very smooth surface, resists severe mechanical cleaning, no iron oxide, greater cleanliness and hygiene,
  • Sustainable resistance characteristics;
  • Industrial metallic towers and HVAC,
  • Clean water and heavy-duty water,
  • Ranges: ATM-CRF / KS / KH / RH.