Our products
TEC series: counter-flow - sliding casing - axial fan
Compliant with NF E 38-424 standard relating to hygienic risks
Simple and strong with efficiency
Self-supporting structure, non-corrodible, absolute resistance to corrosion
Direct without maintenance
Supports made of composite beams
Made of PVC, high-efficiency and very resistant to clogging
Designed to facilitate handling operations, with sliding doors for access to the full height and width of the tower
Factory pre-assembled modules, single lift, "Plug and Play" system for hydraulics and electrical connections
Axial induced draft fans at low speed and high efficiency
  • Casing designed in stitch of fiberglass high density weaved with a PVC coating
  • Stainless-steel rolling rails on 2 sides for very fast and complete opening and a closure
  • Ultimate industrial application for intensive 24/7 operation
  • Motor-fan coupling is ensured by a parallel shaft gear box
  • FREEFILM exchange surface made of PVC sheets of large section channels shaped to ease the cleaning
  • Exchange surface combines both extended high efficiency with high clogging and fouling resistance
  • Non-corrodible structure
  • Pre-assembled in factory
  • May be supplied with an optional FRP basin assembled with stainless steel bolts
  • Water distribution is ensured with high density polyethylene pipes fitted with low pressure nozzles
  • Large diameter nozzles generate large size drops that are less sensitive to drift
  • Multiple axial fans with adjustable blades at stop
  • Counter flow
  • Agri-food industries
  • Metallurgy
  • Power generation
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industries