Our products
TOPAZ® NEO series : adiabatic cooler - drainable - H-designed coils - metal - EC motors
In the absence of glycol and/or thermal load in the bundles, the coils may be exposed to freezing. JACIR engineered tubes and coil geometrical arrangement, enabling a complete drain under gravity.
Geometrical configuration of drainable coils: engineered tubes and coil arrangement enabling a complete drain under gravity (no compressed air injection needed)
  • Two vertical heat exchanger tube coils : certified performance coil
  • Low noise axial fan set
  • EC motors (Electronically Commutated): electronic Variation Speed Drive integrated to each motor
  • Two cooling/humidifying pads for precooling by evaporation
  • Totally “Plug and Play” automaton, equipped with HMI allowing frequency drive and pre-cooling operation controls for full maintenance
  • HVAC
  • All Industries