Our achievements

District cooling

A client located in Île-de-France, France, chose JACIR technology. Due to its location, it presented significant acoustic constraints and little space to install the new devices. JACIR solution: JACIR experts responded to these constraints by recommending a DTC cooling tower Advantages of the DTC range:

Energy production and distribution

A Dutch industrialist, leader in energy production and distribution, chose JACIR technology. JACIR solution: To respond to the sharp increases in the need for compressed air, in a fast-developing industrial zone, JACIR teams ensured the delivery and installation of 4 RXH cooling towers in the Netherlands. RH series advantages for the client :

Amusement park

Jacir has been chosen by a theme park to carry out the replacement of all the cooling towers of its Power Plant. In 2015, the upgrade campaign begins, focusing on all of the cooling needs of the park. At a rate of 2 rounds per year, it continues unhindered. JACIR solutions:

Power generation plant

Jacir has successfully delivered cooling towers to Cuba The cooling towers were installed on two large concrete basins. Each of the 10 diesel engines is cooled by a closed tower with plate heat exchanger. The customer had high demands for a tropical weather resistant installation, high reliability, easy maintenance, specific motors for ventilation, corrosive water, […]