Our achievements

A Dutch industrialist, leader in energy production and distribution, chose JACIR technology.

JACIR solution:

To respond to the sharp increases in the need for compressed air, in a fast-developing industrial zone, JACIR teams ensured the delivery and installation of 4 RXH cooling towers in the Netherlands.

RH series advantages for the client :
  • High availability for power variations, with water distribution accepting highly variable demands and therefore water flow rates,
  • Water distribution by gutters and X-STREAM exchange surface specially adapted for quick and easy maintenance in an industrial environment (accept heavy-duty water without risk of blockage),
  • Helicoidal fan design enables access to ventilation is from ground level, making access to the fans and motor very easy,
  • Installation of 4 cooling towers on a common concrete basin, making it possible to smooth out variations in the site’s cooling needs,
  • Unrivalled continuity of service thanks to all of these technical advantages.