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A closed-circuit cooling tower is composed of a primary circuit (towards the process) and a secondary circuit: the evaporative circuit. When the water from the evaporative circuit is in contact with the air, it becomes loaded with particulate matter. If this water is not purged when it evaporates, it will have a concentration of mineral salts. To keep the evaporative circuit clean, without any manual maintenance intervention, Jacir has developed a FRC filtering system.

Associated to its Inductive Automatic Deconcentration, the FRC centrifugal filter carries out the following three functions:
  • It filters water from the secondary system by centrifugation,
  • It carried out qualitative dispersal of the secondary system,
  • It automatically cleans the filter if it is linked to the automatic dispersal.

Integrated as the standard in our CRF and KSF closed-circuit towers, the FRC filter is a simple yet effective arm against Legionella. In addition to the intrinsic properties of the exchanger to resist clogging (highly-turbulent flow), the FRC system is used for filtering particulate matter in water, which is nutrients that encourage bacteriological proliferation. It has the following characteristics:

  • 100% of recirculation flow is filtered,
  • The total volume is recycled every 1.2 minutes,
  • The filter is automatically cleaned during the automatic dispersal by induction, and by timer,
  • No replacement part or clogging: no maintenance,
  • Construction materials: galvanized or stainless-steel depending on the option selected.