Adiabatic cooler TOPAZ NEO

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Power : 150 - 1 600 kW

TOPAZ Adiabatic cooler Commercial Documentation

TOPAZ Adiabatic cooler Technical Documentation


    No water spray in the air flow : no legionella risk
    No water treatment required
    Easy maintenance: internal access through complete opening
    Very low water consumption
    Optimized EC power consumption motor
    Cooling at a temperature lower than ambient air temperature


  • Two vertical heat exchanger tube coils (performance certified)
  • A low noise axial draft fan set as a standard
  • EC motors without maintenance : fan coupling is direct, and requires no maintenance
  • Two cooling / humidifying pads for pre-cooling by evaporation
  • Plug and play equipment: PLC for managing fans and pre-cooling
  • Water distribution line outside the air flow comprises:
  • Feedline water solenoid valve
  • Drain electrovalve
  • One or two water recirculation pump(s)

  • Applications

    • HVAC
    • Industry
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