Our achievements

The producer of AOC Basque cheeses for No.1 French dairy group in the Pyrenees chose the silence and energy efficiency of the DTCF Jacir range.

The acoustic imperative was paramount in the choice of cooling technology for the production site.

To reduce the noise level of a tower, it is possible to add sound traps to the suction and/or discharge, however these sound traps represent a significant additional cost, reduce accessibility for inspection and maintenance, and increase power consumption of the motors.

The solution:

Jacir offered its DTCF cooling tower in X-STEEL stainless steel for unmatched corrosion resistance, backed by a 10-year warranty.

As a result, Jacir’s DTCF cooling tower achieved the customer’s desired noise level -53 dB at 20m per machine – and controlled a power consumtion per tower of only 12.5kW for a power output of 1250kW per tower.