Our achievements

Retail industry

JACIR has delivered its first two ONYX adiabatic condensers for the leading retailer in Europe. JACIR advantages: This will allow the customer to save 90% of water consumption compared to an evaporative condenser, while allowing optimal operation during the hot Greek summers, unlike a dry condenser.

BoostCooler for agri-food Industry

Jacir carried out the adiabatisation of two dry coolers for an agri-food company. Thanks to the efficiency of the staff, the work was carried out in 2 weeks without any shutdown of the installation. Result: A-10°C-gain on the water temperatue for identical external conditions.


The Laiterie Saint-Père in Loire Atlantique, France, needed to renovate its installations and increase its refrigeration capacity. Thanks to the installation by Jacir of 3 TOPAZ adiabatic coolers (3TH9 E08 D3), this installation has allowed our customer to be able to get rid of its old evaporative condensers, and avoid the use of additional water […]

Cheese dairy

The producer of AOC Basque cheeses for No.1 French dairy group in the Pyrenees chose the silence and energy efficiency of the DTCF Jacir range. The acoustic imperative was paramount in the choice of cooling technology for the production site. To reduce the noise level of a tower, it is possible to add sound traps […]