Our achievements

JACIR ensured the delivery of an RH cooling tower for a chemical manufacturer in Denmark.

Client needs:

As the production site is located in an urban area, the main objectives of this installation were to limit noise. The client also wanted to guarantee efficient heat exchange despite clogged and corrosive water.

JACIR solution:

The RH cooling tower range, equipped with X-STREAM technology, was selected to meet the needs of our client:

  • X-STREAM heat exchange surface to prevent the risk of corrosion due to corrosive, heavy duty quality water,
  • Centrifugal fan solution with acoustic treatment at the air intake and outlet in order to respect the noise level,
  • X-STEEL casing design to protect against the risk of corrosion given the acidity of the environment and the proximity to the sea,
  • X-TRACT option to facilitate maintenance of the tower and allow the total extraction of the exchange body by crane.