Our achievements

JACIR guarantees the reliability of its technologies for the chemical sector and ensures optimal cooling of production processes in the chemical industries.

Indeed, maintaining a constant water temperature in a chemical or pharmaceutical process is essential for the safety and durability of the products manufactured.

Our experts will be able to support and advise you to meet your production requirements to guarantee reliability.

Chemicals industry

JACIR ensured the delivery of an RH cooling tower for a chemical manufacturer in Denmark. Client needs: As the production site is located in an urban area, the main objectives of this installation were to limit noise. The client also wanted to guarantee efficient heat exchange despite clogged and corrosive water. JACIR solution: The RH […]

Pharmaceutical Sector

A pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to ensure the performance and operation of its 30+ year old towers. Issues: Ageing cooling tower casing created leaking problems, Mandatory draining of the common basin for maintenance: approx. 150m3, Difficulties to access the cooling tower internals for inspection and/or maintenance, Desire to reduce intervention times during annual maintenance because of […]

Chemical industry

JACIR supplied 13 KH each cooling 400 m³/h with 4186kW per machine for a chemical separation column manufacturer.