Our achievements

Enertherm in La Défense chooses Jacir technology for its energy efficiency

Enertherm is the concessionaire of the heating and chilled water network at La Défense. Its contrat covers the production, distribution and delivery of the energy required for heating, domestic hot water and/or air conditioning of the buildings connected to the network.

Jacir offered Enertherm its lastest generation of all-stainless steel cooling towers. These custom-designed towers are very quiet, while respecting the target power output in the dedicated space.

Jacir had 4 key points to meet:
  • Firstly, the cooling towers are equipped with acoustic treatment by baffles at the suction, discharge, skin lining, and an acoustic mattress to attenuate the noise of the waterfall, thus enabling the lowest possible noise level to be achieved on this type of equipment.
  • They are equipped with plug fans, controlled by speed variation for optimised energy structural modifications to the building.
  • And finally, they are made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with numerous access points to easy operation, thus avoiding a much longer service life than older generation towers: 36 DTCX 2400, special ICV soudproofing for 129 MW of discharge power, ensuring a discharge noise level of 37 dB(A) at 20m.