Our achievements

JACIR supports the key players in district heating and cooling networks: these low-carbon energy production plants supply and distribute cold for the air conditioning of a group of buildings, or even entire neighbourhoods.

As a manufacturer, the challenge for JACIR lies essentially in the supply of sustainable equipment: maximum refrigeration production capacity efficiency, with reduced water and energy consumption.

Reducing the carbon footprint through night cooling, when condensing temperatures are lower, further reduces environmental impact.

District cooling

A client located in Île-de-France, France, chose JACIR technology. Due to its location, it presented significant acoustic constraints and little space to install the new devices. JACIR solution: JACIR experts responded to these constraints by recommending a DTC cooling tower Advantages of the DTC range:

Canary Wharf business district

Our British distributor Azteq Environmental Ltd has installed three of the latest generation of soundproof cooling towers in the Canary Wharf business district.

Energy Optimisation

Thanks to the installation of 7 JACIR cooling towers, the Paris-Saclays campus was able to optimise its energy consumption. How does it work ? Recovery of waste heat from the mega-computer located at the Institute for Development and Resources in Computer Science (Idris) in Orsay to supply the heating and cooling network.

Heating and chilled water network

Enertherm in La Défense chooses Jacir technology for its energy efficiency Enertherm is the concessionaire of the heating and chilled water network at La Défense. Its contrat covers the production, distribution and delivery of the energy required for heating, domestic hot water and/or air conditioning of the buildings connected to the network. Jacir offered Enertherm […]

Urban network air conditioning

Paris 2012: One of the main players in urban cooling asked JACIR for a “tailor-made” development of its new park of open towers Its goal was to evacuate a maximum of rejection power with all the tertiary constraints encountered in urban areas. That is to say, to maximize its cooling power in a limited space, […]

Hospital centre

JACIR teams took on a new challenge, carrying the delivery and installation of hybrid closed cooling towers for an hospital centre. Client needs: The hospital centre needed to increase the overall cold air production capacity, with the following constraints: JACIR solutions: JACIR proposed an hybrid type closed circuit cooling towers with tailor-made ICVK acoustic treatment. […]


11 RCM 30 AF open polyester towers for chilled water production at a French airport